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  • Name: Shoe cover Non-woven Fabrics
  • Num: Shoe cover Non-woven Fabrics


  One-time Non-woven Fabrics shoe cover

  Product material: high-quality Non-woven Fabrics materials.

  Product introduction:

  It belongs to simple dust proof devices in domestic factory, suitable for use in clean room, Precision electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory, hospital equipment factory, reception room, family and others to separate pollution to production environment from human shoes, and also suitable for home cleaning, which can avoid troubles from shoe changing when entering and shoes-off awkwardness due to its direct wearing on. It could be one-time and reusable as well!

  I. Has solved: shoe changing is necessary if a guest visits, and clean slippers, door mat and floor every time once the guest leaves!

  II。 Has prevented: private slippers change into public slippers, which avoids beriberi cross infection spread risks in slippers!

  III. Has decreased: annoyance of continuous floor cleaning, which can efficiently keep the house clean!

  IV. Has improved: various offensive odours from shoe changing which can pollute the indoor environment

  V. Has avoided: restrictiveness and awkwardness because of socks wearout or foot odor when relatives and friends come to visit

  VI。 Has eliminated: the excessive stress on shoes off and changing of guests from far, in which host troubles cannot be understandable!

  VII. Has stopped: the trouble caused by being lack of shoes for changing due to the large number of guests!

  Non-wove shoe cover has many advantages:



秒速时时彩投注   3.Thermal insulating performance

  4。Water absorption




  8。Excellent hand feel and soft

  9。Light weight

  10。Elastic and recoverable

  11。No cloth directivity

  12.Higher production performance and faster production speed than textiles

秒速时时彩投注   13。Lower prices, mass production etc。

  14。Fixed size and hard to deform

  Disadvantages include:

  1.Worse intensity and durability than textiles

  2.Not able to be washed like other clothes

  3.Easy to be tore in right-angle direction due to its fiber’s arrangement in a certain direction etc.

  Therefore, the improvement of the latest production method is mainly focused on splitting prevention improvement.

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