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  • Name: Recycled bag Non-woven Fabrics
  • Num: Recycled bag Non-woven Fabrics

  Supply Non-woven Fabrics for recycled bag - Shandong Huaye Non-woven Fabrics Co., Ltd.

  Non-woven Fabrics recycled bag (commonly known as non-woven bag) is a kind of green product with durability, attractive appearance and excellent breathability, and can be re-used, washed, silk printed with advertisements and used for long time, which is suitable for use in advertising and complimentary gift in any company in any industry。 Firstly, Non-woven Fabrics recycled bad is more of economic effect, for plastic bag has been gradually retreated from goods packaging market, and replaced by reusable Non-woven Fabrics recycled bag since the ban on free plastic bags was issued。 It is easier for Non-woven Fabrics bag to print pictures than plastic bags with apparent color expression, and plus its reusability, we can consider to print pictures and advertisements more delicate than those on plastic bags。 Non-woven Fabrics recycled bag will further save costs, and bring more obvious advertising benefit due to its reusability and lower wastage rate than plastic bag。

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