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  • Name: Non-woven Fabrics for mouth shad
  • Num: Non-woven Fabrics for mouth shad

  For one kind of the mouth shad non[woven fabric, its surfaces are made by pure cotton absorbent gauze or knitted fabric, with various Non-woven Fabrics between them; For the other kind, it is directly sewed by Non-woven Fabrics. Both of the above two kinds are of good filtering effect but bad breathability. For the latest kind, its surface and back side are all made by Non-woven Fabrics materials, with filter paper between them, thus making the Non-woven Fabrics mouth shad in an upper grade.

  Scope of application: medical treatment/cosmetology/food/processing industry/electronic clean working environment

  Can be used in electronics manufacturing, catering service industry, food processing, school, locomotive riding, manual processing industry, hospital, pharmaceutical factory, environment cleaning, public place and other usages

  Produced by professional manufacturer, with complete qualification certificates!

  Comply with state regulations, with registration certificate approved by the state achieved!

  Products have been sterilized by ethylene oxide, and leave the factory after strict inspection of the manufacturer. Please be assured to use.

  We will wholeheartedly provide you with safe, healthy and efficient products!

  Non-woven Fabrics mouth shad produced by professional manufacturer, with excellent quality guaranteed.

  Please choose corresponding specification according to your own needs! We may once again remind you that we have various specifications, and please contact us for details。 We will serve you in our warmest attitude, with satisfaction guaranteed。

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