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  • Name: Non-woven Fabrics for paper diaper
  • Num: Non-woven Fabrics for paper di

  Product parameter:

  1.Raw material: 100%PP

  2.Gram weight: 12~80 g/m2

  3。Roll width: 3。2m in total, and can be cut according to requirements

  4.Length: according to requirements

  5.Color: white, blue, green etc.

  6。Hydrostatic pressure: 1 to 3 times of gram weight

  7.Anti-static electricity: 108~1012 Ohm

  8.Anti-alcohol treatment: 6 to 10 grade

  9。Three-anti treatment: 6 to 8 grade

  Characters: non-toxic and tasteless, efficient bacteria isolation

  Treatment: antibiosis, anti-static electricity, anti-alcohol, plasma-resistant, oil proof, hydrophilic, and anti-aging etc。


  1。Due to its waterproof and breathability, the thin SMS product is especially suitable in sanitary market, such as sanitary napkin, sanitary pad, baby diaper, anti sliding sideways edges of adult napkins for incontinent, backing etc。

  2。Moderately thick SMS product is suitable for use in medical treatment, such as producing surgery suits, operation wrapping cloth, operation shield cloth, sterilizing bandage, wound pad, plaster pad etc, and also suitable in industry, such as producing working cloth, protection suit etc。 Due to its satisfying isolation performance, SMS product, especially the SMS product after three-anti and anti-static electricity treatment, is more suitable for use in protective equipments with high-quality in medical treatment, which is widely applied in the whole world。

  3.Thick SMS product is widely used in various efficient gas and liquid filter materials, and in excellent efficient oil absorption material in aspects including oil removal in industrial wastewater, ocean greasy dirt clean-up, industrial cleaning cloth and others.

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